Project Reconstruction supports teachers in their discovery of primary and secondary sources that focus on the Reconstruction Era (1861 - 1900). Our digital archive features 50+ themed collections with links to over 1000 unique sources that teachers can use to integrate fascinating historical figures and events from the era into their curriculum.

The collections conveniently link teachers to historical and modern-day digitized materials they can use to engage students in this often untold, but critical, time in American history that still impacts us today.

We strive to:
  • become teachers' one-stop shop for Reconstruction Era resources
  • easily connect teachers to digitized historical materials they can use to engage students and help strengthen their historical thinking skills.
  • include the unique experiences of Americans from a variety of different cultural backgrounds
  • connect teachers to best practices in Reconstruction education and teacher training opportunities through our organizational partners

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Curated Materials

Teachers can enjoy a unique array of curated materials to help bring the Reconstruction Era alive in their classrooms. The collections include mainly primary, but also secondary, sources such as:

  • historical illustrations, drawings
  • historical photos
  • historical political cartoons
  • historical telegrams, letters, journals, diaries
  • historical pamphlets, leaflets, brochures
  • historical broadsides
  • historical newspaper articles, obituaries, ads
  • historical & modern day legislation
  • historical autobiographies, memoirs
  • historical speeches
  • historical sheet music
  • historical poems
  • modern grave file
  • modern newspaper articles
  • modern landmark registration documents
  • biographies
  • videos (varied length documentaries/interviews)
  • online exhibit
  • podcast, radio, audio
  • timelines
  • lesson plans/activities

These sources emanate from a variety of different sites that include: museums, historical societies, universities, libraries, public radio, YouTube, government institutions- the Library of Congress, the National Parks Service and the National Archives- and many more.

Content Statements

Rights Statement: Project Reconstruction curates links to primary and secondary sources from a wide variety of digital newspapers, museums, libraries, universities, historical societies and other governmental and nongovernmental websites. Use of said content is solely at your own risk. Consult each source’s original publisher for all rights and terms of use associated with their content.

Insensitive Language/Images: Some sources may include insensitive language or images that were created just before, during or after the Reconstruction Era. We try our best to include advisory “notes” in the description section of each source to inform site visitors about potentially insensitive material. Please review the sources thoroughly before presenting them to students or others.

Fairness & Accuracy Statement: We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that seems inaccurate or doesn't look right, please contact us.

Parent Organization & Funders

To learn more about our parent organization and funders, please visit the Second Founding of America.